Your Workers’ Compensation Policy

In providing coverage our goal is to give our customers the best policy for their situation at the lowest possible cost.  It is standard that every insured get every credit for which they qualify.  Here is a sample of some credits offered to workers’ compensation policies: 

Drug Free Workplace Credit

Workers' Compensation Group can arrange to have a certified drug-free workplace established for our customers at no cost.


Safety Program Credit

If you do not have an existing safety program, Workers' Compensation Group can provide a state approved program developed for your industry at no cost.   

Florida Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Program (FCCPAP) Credit

Employers in Florida with contracting classifications and a higher average hourly rate may qualify for this additional credit ranging from 5% to 25%.   

Deductible Credits

Employers can choose to add a deductible to their policy beginning at $500 with corresponding credits beginning at 1.6%.   

It is also common practice for our agents to verify the state imposed Experience Modification Factor, making sure a claim revision has not been overlooked. 

Finally, here are a few other unique services that Workers' Compensation Group offers (at little or no cost)...a few things that set us apart from other agencies: 

Background Checks

An employer has the right to conduct an employee background search  regarding workers’ compensation claims.  Workers' Compensation Group will assist you with this.

Safety 101 

Workers' Compensation Group will provide assistance to our policyholders in order to set up and implement safety regimens and programs, OSHA training and certification, and industry specific loss control and prevention protocols.

Claims Service

All our clients receive Workers' Compensation Group unmatched claims handling abilities and experience especially for claim payment, fraud investigation, settlement mediation and subrogation liens.


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